What is Niftydudes?

Niftydudes is a collectible based on the Ethereum blockchain and consists of a maximum of 1024 characters. No more Niftydudes will ever be created.

Another crypto collectible? Really?

Absolutely, yes!

What is Niftydudes about?

Most crypto collectibles work the exact same way. Someone chooses a topic, then randomly auto-generates or manually creates a bunch of NFTs while using some rare and some common traits and that's it. Niftydudes, on the other hand, involves the users in the creation process by giving them free choice in the combination of traits. Instead of offering a pregenerated token set, Niftydudes allows to create your own character based on a set of traits. You want a Niftydude with a specific hairstyle and clothing? Just choose the combination you like and mint him. You can even have different layers. You want your Dude to wear underwear over his pants? No problem. Well, you might ask how trait scarcity is ensured if anyone can just mint a combination they like. Each time a dude is created, a trait is being removed from the list of available traits. Well, not exactly each time, because it can happen that a trait gets selected for removal that has already been removed before. In this case no trait is being removed. This way the removal of traits slows down with every new Niftydude being minted. Using this approach it is impossible to know which of the available traits will be common and which will be rare. Some traits will be commen, some traits will be very rare and some might not be used at all.

What are skills?

Each Niftydude has the following skills: niftiness, power, swag, wealth, empathy and health. Some Dudes are more nifty than others while the others might be more empathic but less healthy. Skills will be revealed as soons as all 1024 Dudes have been minted. There are five different skill levels and better skill levels are rarer than others. Skills will be distributed randomly with a maximum value of 100 points for each category.

How does naming work?

Assigning a name to your Niftydude is free (plus gas). You can change the name as often as you want. Names are limited to 25 alphanumerical characters and must be unique. No two Niftydudes can have the same name, so choose your names wise.

What does it cost to mint a Niftydude?

The first 14 Traits are included in the base price of 0.33 ETH. Each additional trait costs 0.05 ETH. There is a good reason why we charge extra for more than 14 traits. With every Dude being minted, more and more traits will be removed from the set of available traits. People will be eager to get these traits, so we somehow need to complicate the creation of ugly Dudes with a huge amount of traits, because the more traits a Dude has, the more likely it is that one of these traits will be rare.

Are all Niftydudes unique?

Yes, it is not possible to mint two Dudes with the same trait combination. You can create lookalikes by using hidden traits (like invisible underwear), but they will still be unique in terms of assigned traits. We are also working on the possibility of undressing Dudes layer by layer. This way you can see all the differences, even between lookalikes. If you create a Dude with an already existing trait combination (quite unlikely), a warning will appear. Just change some traits and you should be fine.

What is the maximum number of traits a Niftydude can have?

One Dude can have up to 25 traits.

How many possible trait combinations do exist?


Where is the data stored?

All trait images are stored on Arweave and IPFS. The smart contract contains unchangeable hashes pointing to the images. We also deployed a Dude generator on Arweave and IPFS enabling to restore your Dude from the trait combination stored on the Ethereum blockchain. While the images are unchangeable, we can update the generator to fix bugs and extend functionality. Generator updates will emit an event on the Ethereum blockchain making all changes easily traceable while older versions are still accessible. Skills and names are stored directly on the Ethereum blockchain.

Which dudes will be the most valuable?

We will see. Being lucky and catching a trait that is removed shortly after could make a dude valuable. Being creative and creating a super cool looking dude could make it even more valuable. Making a dude look like a real known person, applying a large number of traits or creating one of the first dudes to get a low serial number are other factors. But who knows?